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No one likes plagiarized papers. There is no point to mark someone else's paper as the one, which belongs to the student, who has plagiarized. That is why professors check papers that they get on plagiarism. A person ordering the custom written paper expects it to be written tailor made for him and not copied from any other web source or book. Customers pay for getting the plagiarism free papers as the plagiarized ones are available for free on the web. So, our company makes sure that customers get what they want and what they have paid for.

At first, all our writers know what they get for plagiarizing. One plagiarized paper is worth of their careers as even once being caught for plagiarism, the writer is fired from our company. Such behaviour is unacceptable.

Secondly, to make sure that you get the original paper, there is the plagiarism detecting software developed. Each paper is being checked with it before you receive the essay, so even if the writer has plagiarized, we will notice this before your professor does.

All this is the part of the plagiarism free guarantee conditions. It also deals with the cases, if your professor states that the paper was plagiarised. Make sure you asked for the report that confirms this, as often professors are just playing, telling the students, that paper was plagiarized and observing the reaction. If you have got the report, which says that the paper was plagiarised (from turnitin or from your university), you can come back to our service no matter how much time has passed and request the free correction of this or the compensation for the inconveniences caused.

In conclusion it can be said that originality is among the main features that our custom papers have, so we take all the prevention measures for you to get only the highest quality and professionally completed papers.

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