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How to Write a Short Essay Qualitatively

on 28/12/2014

How to Write a Short Essay Qualitatively

Short essays are often requested by professors as they usually deal with a certain specific issue and show how student understands it. Short essays are commonly not longer than a few pages.

Why It Is Difficult to Write a Short Essay?

Students usually think, that the less text they need to write, the easier is the task. However, in fact it is not. Short essay has its own requirements. Usually in order to complete a short paper you need to write and then shorten a long draft. So, a short essay needs to be:

  • Laconic

It should cover the full information on the issue required and you are to fit it into the required short size. Only main information needs to be included. However, main does not mean basic.

  • Clear

A short essay needs to review the given topic clearly. Thus, your ideas should be logic and connected one to another well.

  • Well-Structured

The 5 paragraph structure will most likely be suitable. However, if you include more short paragraphs, this will help you to review the issue fully from various aspects. As you should already know, one paragraph can deal with one aspect or idea only. In addition to this, all paragraphs need to be interlinked and connected with the help of some ideas, terms etc.

How to Write a Short Essay Step by Step?

It may seem surprising, but sometimes writing of a short essay takes longer than writing of a long essay. Why is it so? Let`s see step by step.

Step 1: Pre-Writing

Pre-writing stage is actually a process of getting ready for writing of your short essay. Thus, you should find the reliable sources on your issue and make some notes for your future writing. Kindly, take into account that this stage will take an equal amount of time for both short and long essay writing.

Step 2: Draft Completion

Do not try to make your draft as short as possible as you are working on the short essay. You should better write down all the ideas. It will be better to shorten the draft later.

Step 3: Final Draft

Here you will feel the difference between the long and short essay writing. You will be required to cut off more material if you have some limits for the essay length. In fact, making an essay to have 3 pages from 6 page draft is much more difficult, than cutting of just a page maximum to submit paper having 5 pages. In addition to this, your 3 page essay should cover the topic not worse than a 5 page essay can, so it needs to be maximally concise. You are required to have better developed analytical skill to perform a perfect short essay.

Step 4: Getting Ready for Submission

The preparation of your draft to submission means the final proofreading and making sure that paper is interesting and covers your topic. Only after you think that your short essay is brilliant, you can print it out and handle to your professor.

How to Avoid Struggling with Your Short Essay Writing?

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