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Aspects and Types of Outline Writing for Essay Papers

on 28/12/2014

Aspects and Types of Outline Writing for Essay Papers

Importance of an Outline Completion

Outline writing is the necessary step, which lies between the pre-rewriting stage and writing of the first draft. The importance of the outline is determined by two aspects:

  • It Reflects the Structure of a Future Paper

In fact outline shows the algorithm of materials appearing in a text. Doing an outline before the paper writing contributes to easy writing as you will always know what you should write about next.

  • It Covers the Main Ideas of an Essay

The outline deals with the main issues, aspects and points you will talk about in your essay writing. All they are usually briefly named.

Types of Outlines

People, who know how to write an outline for an essay professionally, divide all the outlines into two groups.

  1. 1.                  Short Outline

The short outline usually includes phrases or short sentences for each point. Such an outline includes only the approaches to a certain issue/subject and sets their order.

  1. 2.                  An Extended Outline

The extended outline gives much more information about the paper. In addition to approach to the issue, it gives a short explanation of how the writer is going to talk about it, which aspects will be eliminated etc. Thus, one point of an extended outline usually consists of more than 1-2 sentences in order to clarify better.

Requirements on How to Write an Outline for an Essay

As outline writing is closely connected with formatting, there are some common requirements for these aspects of proper essay writing:

A)                 Three Component Structure

Every essay outline is to have the following elements:

-                     Introduction

-                     Body Part

-                     Conclusion

You can leave the first and the third points as they are, even not changing the name of points. However, the body part needs to have its subtitles.

B)                 One Paragraph – One Point

If your paper is going to be concise and informative, you will outline each single paragraph. As one paragraph is to deal with one issue only, you will easily choose a title for each one to include to your outline.

C)                 Logical Connection of Elements

Your outline does not need to look like you can easily separate its elements and/or change their position. There should be some connective words, expressions, terms. The structure of your outline can also deal with the logical models, such as “if, then”, “cause and effect”, “pro et contra” etc.

How to Write an Outline for an Essay with Online Help?

Our service offers you to get assisted by professional and experienced writers. In terms of outline you can ask for

1)                  Writing of an Outline for a Certain Paper

You can upload a paper written and our writer will show you how to write an outline for it well. You will get an example of perfect outline writing to check it every time you write it by yourself in future.

2)                  Doing an Outline at Pre-Writing Stage

If you do not know what you should write about in your essay assignment and you are not good in paper structuring, feel free to order an essay outline. Your writer will check the requirements and tell you how to write an outline for an essay perfectly in your specific case. You will definitely get a brilliant example as well.

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