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How to Write an Essay Outline Qualitatively?

on 28/12/2014

How to Write an Essay Outline Qualitatively?

Outline is a short text, but it still requires a lot of efforts to be spent. We understand such a tough situation and are willing to help you out giving some useful tips.

Two Situations for Need of Essay Outline Writing

There can be two cases, when you need to write an essay outline. Therefore, the tips on how to write an essay outline will also be different.

  1. 1.                  Essay Outline Completion as Part of a Writing Process

The need of the outline writing appears, when you proceed from pre-writing stage to writing one. In fact, you have performed a research on a certain issue and you are about to write your first draft. To determine the structure of your future essay and set the main issues to be eliminated in your essay, you should write an essay outline. It needs to include 3 main parts:

A)                 Introduction

It will include the background information, the scientific context of an issue, which will set the tone for the essay writing.

B)                 The Body Part

The structured and divided into a number of paragraphs part, which deals with the main information of your essay.

C)                 The Conclusion

It will be a short summary of the main ideas and findings, which you have come to after writing a paper.

Remember, that the more structural elements will your essay outline have, and the more efforts you spent on an outline completion, the easier it will be for you to complete the essay paper.

  1. 2.                  An Essay Outline Completion as an Assignment

The outline writing can also be a certain assignment, when professor gives you a text to write an outline for. This is a completely opposite logical process. Doing this task you should briefly summarize the major points of the text received and reflect its structure. Here is what you should better to do:

1)                  Read the Text Attentively

It is quite important for you to understand the text well and get its main sense.

2)                  Check the Paper`s Structure

If the required text has been written well, it has an introduction and conclusion parts present and each paragraphs has one single idea it deals with. Your task will be to formulate the idea of each paragraph in one sentence and this will be the points of the required outline.

If you are not sure that the completed essay was completed properly (you are checking your friend`s essay for example), you should check the beginning and the final well. If these parts are not presented in the essay, they should not be indicated in outline.

3)                  Determine the Points and Subpoints

See if there are some general ideas within the paper, which include more concrete aspects. The general ideas will be the points of your outline and some specific and concrete issues within the general ones will be the subpoints.

Skills Required for Outline Writing

Not everyone has such well-developed analytical and text management skills to complete a qualitative and/or helpful outline. Thus, one needs to work on these skills’ development in order to succeed in academic career. To learn how to write an essay outline, you can contact our service and we will offer you an expert for assistance. He will not only help you to learn the useful techniques, but also contribute to your skills development: all of our writers have tutoring experience.

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