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How to Write a Narrative Essay Well

on 28/12/2014

How to Write a Narrative Essay Well

A narrative essay is one of the basic types of essays together with expository, argumentative and descriptive essays. The main difference of this type of essay is in its way of information delivery.

Features of a Narrative Essay

If you want to know how to write a narrative essay and not to confuse it with any other essay type, you should be aware about such peculiarities:

  1. 1.                  Story-Telling Manner

Actually writing a narrative essay is telling a story. You will have more actions than descriptions, and you need to tell more and analyze less. A narrative essay will have a plot and it will be based on the algorithm of actions and events.

  1. 2.                  Clear Structure

The structure of a narrative essay is the same as the structure of a story. As it deals with certain event in life or a set of events, they need to be well-organized.

A)                 Exposition

This part usually sets the place and time of action as well as states its main character.

B)                 Incident / Conflict

Conflict is an event, which actually leads to this narrative essay writing. It sets the main issue the essay will deal with.

C)                 Rising Action

The rising action includes the set of events that lead to the critical point of problem appearance in the essay.

D)                 Climax

This is the central event of an essay that shows the importance of an issue and underlines its being critical.

E)                  Falling Action

The falling action consists of the set of events that are aimed on resolving of the issue.

F)                  Resolution

Resolution is the final part of a story or narrative essay, showing that the issue has been resolved. You can also include some personal thoughts here in order to make a conclusion from the whole story. The personal opinion should be relevant and support the aim of narrative essay writing.

  1. 3.                  Simple Language

Those, who are well-aware of how to write a narrative essay, can tell for sure, that it needs to have simple language. By simplicity of language we mean:

-                     Short Sentence Structures

No more than 2 component sentences are preferred. This will make the writing dynamic and vivid.

-                     Absence of Difficult Words and Terms

This will contribute to an easy reading of your text and proper understanding of everything you wanted to say.

Methods of Writing a Narration Essay

There are two main types of narration and you need to choose one to be clear in writing. It is connected with how the author refers to the events, which are described in the essay. Selection of a certain narration type motivates a specific approach and influences the way of writing.

  • The First Person Narration

This type of narrative essays includes a lot of “I” sentences. The author is also a character. He does not know everything about the situation, but he gives us his own subjective perception of what is happening in the paper`s plot.

  • The Third Person Narration

This type is also usually called “The Author Knowing Everything”. Such narration creates an impression of the side observer, who is objective and knows everything about the situation.

Ways of Learning How to Write a Narrative Essay Properly

If you want to develop your narrative essay writing skill, you are able to:

A)     Check the offline Guidelines

B)      Check the Websites with Tips

C)      Hire an Expert to Show You How to Write a Narrative Essay According to Your Specific Demands!

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