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How to Write a Five Paragraph Essay Properly

on 28/12/2014

How to Write a Five Paragraph Essay Properly

A five paragraph essay is the most common type of essay structuring. If the one does not know well how to write an essay, the five paragraph paper writing will be helpful for him, because:

  • five paragraph essay is understandable;
  • five paragraph essay paper is easier to write.

What Does the Five Paragraph Essay Consist of?

A good and efficiently written five paragraph essay has:

  1. 1.                  A Catchy Introduction

A good introduction needs to catch the reader`s attention and convince him that the following material will be interesting. Experts in writing usually use a hook to attract the reader`s attention. A hook is a first sentence (or a few sentences), which are interesting or even shocking. Hook can be of various types:

a)                  A Story-Hook

Telling a story in the very beginning will set an easy tone of writing and your reader will be eager to find out what is going to be the next.

b)                 A Statistical Hook

We all like numbers. If the numbers are large or extra small, this is usually shocking. You can use the impression from numbers as a hook to influence your reader.

c)                  A Proverb Hook

One can select an appropriate proverb to make a reader think about it and want to find the explanation.

d)                 A Question Hook

This is also a good trick to activate your reader as each question needs the answer one wants to find.

Do not forget that the introduction needs to include a thesis statement as well.

  1. 2.                  Three Efficient Body Paragraphs

Every paragraph should deal with another feature, issue, approach etc. There cannot be repetitions and essay does not need to be of an “all about everything” style. Only reliable, well-supported information with the proper arguments needs to be here. We cannot tell you more about body paragraphs, because they depend on each specific subject.

  1. 3.                  Conclusion

The conclusion also needs to be completed well if you want to learn how to write a five paragraph essay professionally.

Here are some tips for doing a good conclusion for your paper:

  1. Do not tell about anything new. Only summarizing is possible.
  2. Be laconic and include only the main information. There is no need to tell all the facts again.
  3. Do not simply paraphrase the thesis statement, aim or tasks of research: this won`t work.
  4. At the very end you can outline the possible ways of research on subject you were writing about.


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