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How to Write a Comparison Essay at Its Best

on 28/12/2014

How to Write a Comparison Essay at Its Best

A comparison essay is a subtype of an expository essay and requires you to check and compare two or more subjects, theories, phenomena etc. A comparison is a logical process, which actually has two aspects:

  1. 1.       Looking for the Common Features

You should carry an analysis of the features, which are same or similar in both (in all of the) subjects you deal with.

  1. 2.       Checking of the Features, Which Are Different

Under this aspect you are required to find what differentiates the subjects you write about.

Getting Ready for the Comparison Essay Writing

  1. 1.       Find a Good Topic

As it was already mentioned, the comparison essay topic needs to deal with two or more subjects. However, you cannot select any two subjects. They need to belong to the same sphere and type, having just a few differences. The comparison needs to have sense. For example, you can compare the Constitutions of two different countries or present two different smartphones in a comparative manner. The specific selection is connected with your subject, but there are some common rules.

  1. 2.       Research of the Issue and Subjects

In order to compare well, you should know deeply what you deal with. If you ask a professional how to write a comparison essay, he will tell you “learn what you compare first”. You should check the sources for information on your subjects and be aware of the scientific and theoretical context of the subjects or phenomena. Do not try to skip these hours spending at library. Knowing of all the necessary information is a must for a well-done comparison essay.

Structuring of a Comparison Essay

A good structure is an important issue for any academic paper. It is quite necessary to structure a comparison essay well in order to be clearly understood. There can be a few models for structuring of your comparison essay.

1st Way

Your paper can have two main parts: similarities and differences. Thus, you can start with an introduction, then the body part will have two paragraphs and you will need to finalize with a conclusion. It will be a good idea to separate the differences into paragraphs, which will represent the subcategories of the main paragraph.

2nd Way

You can go ahead to structure your paper according to the features/approaches used for comparison. Thus, you should put a title for each paragraph with comparison and then review both subjects from the stated point of view.

No Way!

You can develop your own way of the materials review in comparison aspect. However, do not structure your paper according to subjects writing the features of one subject and then proceeding to features of another in the next paragraph. Such writing cannot be considered to be a comparison essay, as you state, but not actually compare.

What Issues Students Face Concerning Comparison Essays Writing?

We often get requests for assistance from students, who want to learn how to write a comparison essay. The main points they have issues with are:

  • Selection of a proper topic
  • Searching for the reliable and appropriate sources
  • Proper structuring of ideas
  • Determination of the main features
  • Sources formatting etc.

If you face any difficulties with writing a comparison essay, do not hesitate to contact us for a professional essay help! We are working any time for you!

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